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jumping @ whitby abbey in whitby, england.
sailor scout powers activate!!!!

jumping @ whitby abbey in whitby, england.

sailor scout powers activate!!!!

@ mcdonalds

@ mcdonalds

Escotia oh Scotland

Scotland was great. Super rainy and full of character. The people there were from all over the place and although there were many Americans and Spanishmen, I felt at home. I walked around alone, saw Harry Potter (and cried), went to eat and chilled in the Hostel since my feet hurt so much and I had no desire to pay for the internet to see where the cafe that JK Rowling sat in was.

Saw Real Mary King’s Close, a “city under the city”. Scotland now is built on top of old Scotland… or Escotia(in Espanol). At the deepest part of old Scotland to the top (where the bottom of New Scotland resides) is about 10 stories. Up to 15 people (2 families) would live in one room. (about the size of a teachers lounge) which was pretty interesting. I enjoyed that a lot.

Kind of sad that I am back in Nottingham. I like each country better than this one… maybe London this weekend will change my mind.

i just have to say that i went to this amazing gelato place when i was in paris. it was so nice and creamy, felt like i was taking a mouthful of heaven in my mouth.

want to know the best part of it? i have to show you a picture

hell yeah, gelato in the form of a flower. now that is delicioso!

there’s a few in paris, the uk (london!!) and one in new york.

It’s been rainy today and it’s awesome. I wore a sweet coat too and slept for three hours. Woke up to a classmate and her girlfriend having a fight and finished Mean Girls, started Cherry Bomb… Tessa, a girl across from me, had a fucking bat in her room. I went to scope it out and ran to my room, tripped over my chair and got rug burn all over. :|

Now, it’s time for homework. Hopefully I don’t wake up at 5am like I did for the past two days.

i got here at 3am arizona time. my head hurts a lot. today in the square, this child was walking around in the nude and the father came up “don’t do that,” he said, “you’re going to get hurt!”

i don’t feel like i’m outside of the US yet. i feel like im in san francisco if anything.

now to look for dinner. i took a 3 hr nap. jet lag? dunno.

I’ll be living here for a month. 9 more days!

I’ll be living here for a month. 9 more days!



  • 1 July: Fly from Phoenix to London (arrive 2 July)
  • Transfer to Nottingham by coach
  • 2 August: transfer to London by coach
  • 2 August: Fly London to Phoenix

Daily plan

  • Sat., July 2: arrive Nottingham
  • Sun., July 3: Walking tour of Nottingham/Tram introduction/location of school
  • Mon., July 4 Classes
  • Tues., July 5 Classes
  • Wed., July 6 Classes
  • Thurs., July 7 Paris
  • Fri., July 8  Paris 
  • Sat./Sun., July 9-10 Free time
  • Mon., July 11 Classes
  • Tues., July 12 Classes
  • Wed., July 13 Classes
  • Thurs., July 14 Group excursion to Whitby
  • Fri-Sun, July 15-17 Free time
  • Mon., July 18 Classes
  • Tues., July 19 Classes
  • Wed., July 20 Classes
  • Thurs., July 21-Sun, July 24 Group excursion to London
  • Mon., July 25 Classes
  • Tues., July 26 Classes
  • Wed., July 27 Class/end of program party
  • Thurs., July 28 Group excursion to Chatsworth
  • Fri., July 29 Free time
  • Sat., July 30 Free time
  • Sun, July 31 Free time
  • Mon, Aug 1 Free time/Pack
  • Tues, Aug 2 Return to Phoenix